Colleen Dickenson

Author of Worry-Free ABC



Behind the Author

Colleen has been reading and writing since pre-school. Honestly! However, it was just recently that she had an idea for a book. It was during the pandemic lockdown that Colleen advised her mom that they needed to write a book to help children with anxiety.

Colleen grew up in a home where her mom experienced debilitating anxiety. And when her mom found her way to heal, those healing techniques were taught to Colleen and her siblings.

Colleen knew there were so many kids dealing with anxiety during the vast changes during the COVID pandemic. She also knew she had a wealth of knowledge, first hand,

on how to help kids easily move from fear to fun. 

Colleen and her mom, Lucie, wrote Worry-Free ABC and launched it in 2021. They

were able to publish their book with Inspired Girl Publishing.


Worry-Free ABC launched in 2021 and Colleen has been busy at  book signings and story-time readings that involve kids and their parents. The feedback has been amazing! Colleen donates a portion of proceeds from this book to mental health education

This first book has solidified that Colleen wants to continue writing and bringing books into the world. 

Worry-Free ABC can be purchased at Barnes&Noble, Amazon, Target and all bookstores including our local favorite,  ThunderRoad Books in Spring Lake, NJ


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